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Recent Surveys have suggested that the average worker spends nearly 2 hours per day surfing the Internet for non-business related reasons.  In addition, employees who visit inappropriate sites expose those businesses to various types of legal liability. Sometimes activities such as visiting Facebook, watching YouTube or listening to streaming audio take up valuable network resources or diminish worker productivity.
Having an Internet use policy isn't very effective if you don't have a way to consistently enforce it. SonicWALL combines two technologies to help you manage your Internet connection.  Content Filtering controls what sites employees can visit. SonicWALL's Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) identifies traffic by it's unique characteristics and allows you to select what types of data can pass through the firewall. So for example, if you want to limit access to streaming media, instant messaging, Skype, Peer-to-Peer and other applications, you can select the options you want. You can even select which uses can have access to which services and apply a schedule for the time of day it is available.

Deep Packet Inspection

SonicWALL's Deep Packet Inspection engine examines all traffic passing through the firewall. It compares the data to a signature database of thousands of malicious and non-malicious profiles.  In addition, to stopping viruses and other threats, it also identifies other types of traffic such as streaming media, instant messaging and other types of services. This provides it the ability to decide whether or not to let that data pass. Services such as Peer-to-Peer, Skype or on-line radio seem innocent enough, but they can consume your valuable bandwidth or worse, expose you to threats.

Content Filtering

SonicWALL's Content Filtering Service allows you to decide what categories of sites you want to block. With CFS, you can choose to block access to sites with pornography, violence, drugs, etc. In the end, you can increase productivity and reduce the legal and financial risks associated with inappropriate Web browsing. In addition, you can set different policies for different users so some personnel can have access to sites that might be blocked to others. You can choose how granular you want to be.  


ZeroThree Security Reports

Our Web-based Online reporting system allows you to see how your Internet connection is being used. It's available 24x7 from any where you have Internet access without investing in expensive reporting packages. 

A few of the reports available include:
    •    Top Web Surfers
    •    Top Bandwidth Users
    •    Top Websites visited
    •    Utilization by Service (Email, Web, FTP, etc.)
    •    Blocked Web Sites (from Content Filter Service)
    •    Blocked Services (from Deep Packet Inspection)