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After September 11, 2001, many firms recognized a potential opportunity for economic gain in the general security industry, and opened their security businesses at that time, but not ZeroThree Security; we opened our doors in 1995. The owners of ZeroThree Security and many key managers have been working exclusively in the integrated security business since the 1980’s. ZeroThree Security brought excellence in customer service to the security industry, by winning approval from their clients through listening as well as responding to their needs promptly and delivering innovative solutions.
Today, ZeroThree Security is recognized as a leading security integration firm operating primarily in the Northeastern (New England) U.S. with partnerships and additional capabilities available Nationwide as well as a track record of national and international deployment success.  

ZeroThree Security is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of ZeroThree Media, LLC with a core mission to provide customers with the highest level of customer service, quality products, and the highest return on investment by using the latest proven technologies in electronic security management systems and installing them properly, the first time. In doing so , we provide a supportive environment for employee growth, meaningful partnerships, and a financially stable service organization with a clear focus on the long-term consequences of every decision we make.

The Keystone of our Value System as a Corporation is a

Long-Term Focus in Everything we do.


ZeroThree Security enjoys unique longevity in our employee base with more than 30% of our employees and managers being with our firm in excess of 5 years. In creating an open environment of honesty, respect and value for the individual and significant growth opportunities, we offer a work environment that is unequaled in the industry.  


ZeroThree Security is known and recognized throughout the industry for its long-term customer relationships. When customers can deal with a stable employee and management base over the years, relationships of mutual trust and benefit are developed between us and our customers. All business decisions are assessed using a Long-Term Focus as it is our guiding value to determine the appropriate decision in every instance. ZeroThree Security clearly understands that it is more efficient to retain customers than it is to solicit new customers. By providing the best products with the best installation, few problems arise; but when problems do arise, we proactively addresses any service need, therefore reducing the need for our customers to become disgruntled or shop elsewhere. 
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In Principle:

Rather than banter about an elaborate set of corporate values and meaningless mumbo-jumbo, the ZeroThree Security approach is time tested, very simple and consistent throughout every decision that we make;

”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”