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From Physical CCTV Surveillance and Security to Compliant and Secure Corporate Networks!


Based in Southern New Hampshire, ZeroThree Security specializes in complete business security solutions. Security technologies are changing to meet the demands of today’s society. They are no longer stand-alone systems. Like legacy analog telephone systems; commercial surveillance and building access control systems are improving in function and scope. By converting to a digital signal format using Internet Protocol (IP), security networks have now become part of the client enterprise network. The challenge then becomes defining the critical elements unique to each business entity and market segment. Installing and supporting integrated client networks and making them secure both Electronically and Physically is what we do best.

Our approach ensures a migration path for emerging video, control and communications technologies.

  • Wireless/Wired CCTV Systems
  • Business Access Control Systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems – Indoor & Outdoor
  • Corporate/Internal Network Security and Firewalled PCI/DSS compliant solution
  • Firewalled HIPPA compliant solutions for Medical Applications
  • Serving Boston Area & all of New England
Fully Integrated Solutions

Adding value to your security solutions deployment. For Years, we have been at the leading edge in deploying security solutions for business and industry. As the leading provider of business security solutions in New England, ZeroThree Security offers the industry’s most extensive range of security solutions, along with the product knowledge to help you deploy, manage and enhance them in your business. Talk to one of our commercial security specialists for a no-cost risk assessment and comprehensive review of your security operations today.

PCI/DSS Compliance/Network and Electronic Security. For over a decade, ZeroThree Security has provided a full suite of PCI Compliance Security consulting and remediation solutions to help businesses of all sizes address PCI DSS compliance. Our expert Information Security consultants are knowledgeable on all payment card industry compliance requirements, and can help you navigate the changes, identify the processes you need to implement, as well as assess and maintain your unique environment to ensure you are PCI compliant.

Fully Integrated solutions deployment. Theft, shoplifting, fraud, unexplained inventory shortages, employee productivity, electronic intrusion, data security breeches... This is just the beginning of a long list of the challenges business owners face day to day. ZeroThree Security has the solutions to these challenges and then some.