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Our Founders

Our Founder(s):

G. Robert Grumbles, Jr.

Founder, CEO and Engineering Manager

Over 30 years in the Software and Computer Security Sector as an Executive Level Manager, Sales Manager, Design Engineer and Owner. Founder of ZeroThree Media & Security.

Mr. Grumbles began his career in Computer Security in 1984 (at the age of 16) as one of the first 'white-hat' Hackers and gained world-wide notoriety by exposing the 'byby.opr' Security vulnerability prevalent in US Government mainframe computers (DEC PDP-11/RSX11M+), namely in systems operated by NASA.  Mr. Grumbles worked with NASA and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to uncover this bug and re-mediate affected dial-in systems and was recognized by Steven Jobs (in a Discovery TV series on early data breaches) as being pivitol in raising awareness of the importance of Computer Security and the necessity of Government intervention in the early passage of laws regarding Computer security. (

In the years following, Mr. Grumbles worked first for Motorola pushing new technology into the Wireless Market based on NextGEN processors then continued on as a founder of Radiant Systems (QSR-POS Div), the worlds Largest Retail Systems Integrator (now a division of NCR CORP); then on to a variety of Silicon Valley start-ups selling and designing leading edge software platforms for Mobile and Connected Devices.  He worked on many of the early 'smartphone' platforms and was Vice President of TTPCom, LTD (US), a key player in the early design, component software supplier and early designer of the most popular mobile software platform in the world, Android.

More recently, Mr. Grumbles founded and ran ZeroThree Media, LLC. and it's subsidiary ZeroThree Security, LLC.; building upon his ability of marketing, selling and designing leading edge and integration technology to build both companies from the ground up into two of the most recognized and successful IT Management and Security (CCTV) companies in New England.

Mr. Grumbles graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Birmingham-Southern College in 1991 with Degree(s) in Business Administration and Computer Science.

Brian S. Smith

Co-Founder, Sales Manager

10+ Years owner and Sole Proprietor- Digital Surveillance Consultants, LLC. Keynote speaker for ASIS at Javits Center NYC, March 2006.